Harlan Howard

World Is Weighing Heavy On My Mind

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While we're drinking our martinis there's a little child that's starving in Biafra
And the good life that I'm living makes me happy but not blind
I see my neighbors dying for the freedom
That I always took for granted and the world is weighing heavy on my mind
As I hold and kiss my woman and caress our healthy children I feel sympathy
For the lonely souls that search for love but never find
And I wish to God they had the love and happiness that I've got
For their tears are weighing heavy on my mind
God I thank you for my blessin's and I'll try hard to deserve 'em
And each day I hope I'm better than the day I left behind
For I see the poor and sad Lord and they're needin' you so bad Lord
Won't you help 'em find the happiness in life you've given mine
Now I'll give a word of comfort to a stranger who's down and need a buddy
And I'll try to be the kind of friend we seek but seldom find
And I'll give a little more than I've received of human kindness
For the world is weighing heavy on my mind this old world is weighing heavy on my mind

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