Worry In The House Of Thieves

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I hate you more than any word can describe
Wish you were dead, and I will live till you die
Destroy the dreams of everyone you control
Now that I'm above you, the deceit can be told
A separation of a chance that must take
Under calculations have been digging your grave
Open the book to endless chapters I read
I will know the tmth that brings you down on your knees
Uncovered secret, exposing their crime
Confronting them is just a matter of time
Without an option, or way to escape
You have pay for the mistakes that you made
The game is over, now run to the light
Your lack of vision will restore what is mine
In preservation of your life of mystic
A reparation that at last will be seen
Untouched by the hand of God
Look what it has done to us
Worry in the house of thieves
Overlooking everything
Untouched by the hand of God
Your compassion never was
Cut the cord of agony
Bitterness, uncertainty
Their recollection of events is a lie
Woe and suffering has always been on the mind
Beyond myself the misery that you've caused
Step into my circle and your life will be lost
You seem to think that I'm to do what I'm told
Over superstitious from the stories of old
Your putrid essence and the scriptures of God
Leave me unremoved from my belief in Satan

Autor(es): Deicide / Glen Benton

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