The Blue Dogs

Wrong Love at the Right Time

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I came home early to a goodbye note
With the diamond in the pocket of my old coat
So I sat down to read the words she wrote
About the wrong love at the right time

She said "the good Lord know we sure did try
we thought we had the right love wrapped up tight
but a change of heart came over me tonight
it's the wrong love at the right time

Wrong love at just the right time
The thunder's clapping while the sun's still shining
A quintessential case of essential bad timing
It's the wrong love at the right time

So I was down on love feeling all alone
Wonderin if my baby's gonna come back home
Then the lightning strikes with the ringing of the phone
It's the wrong love at the right time

A long lost sweetheart callin on the line
Checkin on me wonderin if im doing fine
It looks like this is a mighty good sign
It's the wrong love at the right time


Ain't it funny how it turns around
You finally get your feet back on the ground
Cause the one that you're needing is the one found
The wrong love turns out right

Just when you think you're getting left behind
You stumble on what you never thought you'd find
It just goes to show it's the grand design
And there ain't no wrong love


Autor(es): Bobby Houck / Phillip Lammonds

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