Wrong Place, Right Time

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There were so many times
Oh, so many chances
I allowed to go by
Never realizing why oh, why
Only this time my eyes
For the first time are open
I won't make those mistakes again
No more wondering why

No more wrong place, right time (*)
Over again and again
Wrong place, right time
No one else to blame
Wrong place, right time
Always the same and the same
Wrong place, right time
Once again and again
Wrong place, right time

Even though I was blind
I leave memories behind me
And although now the time
Still is passing us by
I was well almost strong
Didn't know any better
Time is coming to rule alone
Where the living face on

(* ) repeat

No more wasting my time
One thing plotting romances
Time has gone quickly by
To the negative side
In my mind is a seed
That will grow many branches
I will tend to its needs
With my every need

(* ) repeat