Anal Cunt

You Drive An Iroc

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You're from the north end-wop
You're from revere beach-wop
You can't have a barbeque-wop
The spaghetti always falls through-wop

You drive an el camino,your hero's barbarino,your cousin's name is guido,on the beach you wear
A speedo

You drive an iroc-wop
Your girlfriend has a mustache-wop
You were an altar boy-wop
You got raped by a priest-wop


You put on a bottle of colonge today,you're italian and you're fucking gay
Your fucking name is fucking vinnie,and you're a greasy fucking guinea
You can't have freckles-wop
They slide off your face-wop
You braid your girlfriend's breast hair-wop
You shave your granny's back hair-wop

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