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kill everything now, napalm in my veins
a new birth, a burning phoenix, a chariot with no reigns
scorching your town in bubbling asphalt you'll drown
as we level this human edifice to the ground
exploding skate stoppers with trucks forged in mythril
seven ply soaring high as we swoop for the kill
turning barren streets into new spots to skate
my feet will never slip from this grip that holds my fate

we will destroy you!
you can never stop us all. our infection is too strong!
we will destroy you!
no mercy for you, you've negated your rights!
we will destroy you!
cross the line and we'll be forced to attack!
we will destroy you!
all those opposed... we will destroy you!

we'll take it upon ourselves to build new spots
flat rails and ramps will litter parking lots
by our nature we'll take back the street
if you claim your own reality you'll never know defeat

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