Shock Therapy

X-mas Time Again

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I was lost
I was found
I was smothered
I was drowned
I became a simple man
A hopeless life without a plan
Look at me everyone
Now im like all of you
No new plans, go to work
Shut your mouth you stupid jerk

Sitting on the toilet seat
Finally alone in the john
I cannot bear to look at them
They make me sick, they make me gag
All these people hate me too
Look at how they laugh at me
Im a man without a life
Calgon bubbles take me away
I can be anyone

I put on the mask, im lost of fun
Ill even promise that i wont hate
Do not pity its far too late
Im a stain to this world
For this moment i am yours
But someday soon ill disappear
These bitter words youll no longer hear

Watch me be myself: its no good enough
Watch me try to care: i dont care enough
Watch me be relaxed: im a lazy slob
Watch me be at peace and i dont talk enough
I have fly away from this pain
But i know ill never leave
Because its christmas time

Its christmas time again:
Will you be my friend?
Its christmas time again:
The laughter never ends
Its christmas time again:
Put on a nice clean suit
Its christmas time again:
Behave yorself you child
Its christmas time again:
Be our puppet forever and again
Its christmas time again:
Well break your spirit to be very end

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