X's and O's (Kisses and Hugs)

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Deliver de letter de sooner de better
The upside down stamp meant the kisses were wetter

I.s.y.i.m.d., ill see you in my dreams, honey
T.s., t.s., t.s.a., s.w.a.k.
Xs and os who knows what all of that means?

P.p.d.s.p.e.m.r.m.f.o.b.t. must have took
Lots of hours for you to see
What i was saying back then when we were still green

P.m.p.m.d.s.o.f.'s not hard at all
Please mr. post man don't stumble or fall
I still remember what m.b.d.d.f.c. means

S.d.f.s.d. was a twister
Sprinkled with powder and perfume, my sister took
Two days to figure out sweet dreams forever sweet dreams

S.d.f.s.d. had her seeing double
The envelope looked like a good chinese puzzle

Yes i got those letters you wrote me when we were fifteen.

Autor(es): David Allan Coe

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