You're Invited

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We're calling everyone,
We're putting out the welcome mat.
I've got the tunes, I've got the food,
We've got the party hats.
We've got everything we could ever need.
A real good time
Yeah! is guaranteed.

So jump up and put on your dancin' shoes,
With hosts like us there's no way you can lose.
It may get crazy when things starts to roll,
But never fear the twins are in control.

You're invited! come on we've got a lot to do.
You're invited! We're excited and delighted to see you.
You're invited! Bring your friends along,
Laugh and sing a song.

The party's about to start,
You're invited!
You're invited!
You're invited!
You're invited!
If it's up to me,
You'll R.S.V.P!

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