Ya Wonder Why Dey Call Me Raw

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attention lame rappers its time for new music
quitting is the best choice you can make, go on, choose it
i like to drop an insane track and watch the fanatics lose it
like a fun game of laser tag, the scoreboard whose it
every rapper better bow down im an your king
frying niggaz in rap battles like popeyes wings
they dont attempt to move me cause i stay hard as a rock
ill be here until the end of time like tupac
im trying to bring in a new demension to the industry
best bet keep yall mouths close or visit the dentistry
dope boyz put on facades when i rap my bars
knowing se-cre-tly in they heart love for team mars
niggaz at home washing dishes hear my music and sob
they rather be out chasing dreams instead of watching spongebob
life goes on and on and on so put in effort not rest
and if this old saying true im on the carousel of success
made it to the top and i was the only one that yall saw
but yall wondered why they called me raw

ya wonder why dey call me raw (8x's)

and uma keep it real yo i cause i aint trying to be
bowwow, soulja boy, better yet ice t
im just trying show yall the difference between lame and talent
these niggaz license expired for the rap game they aint valid
so i pull em over like the l.p.d for tickets
yall disappointed fans my co signers cause they aint with it
i drop a mixtape told em all go on get it
back up calls of whack rappers i put em all on my hitlist
changing the subject im raw because i do what i do
i do what other rappers cant and what yall them too
these niggaz goof balls shaggy from scooby doo
they scared cause im hot ghost writer ha ha ha boo
and to the fanz gone and celebrate because raps back
i got more rhymes than dr seuss's crazy cat in the hat
i plant more seeds in my music than you get outta sack
on the scene with the whiteboy converses black

ya wonder why dey call me raw (8x's)

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