Anal Cunt

Yay! It's Pink!

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My wife brought home this groupie slut one night
She was pretty hot, a sexy, slutty sight
We wanted a threesome with this stupid cunt
My wife licked my ass while the groupie sucked my front

"YAY! It's pink!" when she saw my cock
"YAY! It's pink!" she was used to niggers' cocks
"YAY! It's pink!" a stupid little cunt
"YAY! It's pink!" ...and she was born in the fucking 90's

A rockstar groupie blowing me in my bed
She screamed, "Anal Cunt!" so I kicked her in the head
When she started to cry I slammed my fist in her ass
I was turned on by her tears so I came really fast


Gave most to my wife then gave the dumb slut a taste
But she was so annoying so I punched her in face
Looking pretty hot covered in with blood and my cum
Only 17, and so fucking dumb


The very next day we wanted her gone
She thought that we liked her; she was totally wrong
Her nigger came to get her so she started to pout
I yelled "Get your shit, and get the FUCK OUT!"


Autor(es): Seth Putnam

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