Danger Danger

Yeah, You Want It!

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I see ya lookin' at me
From across the room
With your backstage pass
From a roadie you blow

Girl you act so cool
You like to play it shy
But you can't fool me
You got the wild sex vibe

Yeah, you want it!
Yeah, you want it!
Yeah, you want it!
Yeah, you want it!
We want it too!

DD time

You go to all the shows
When they cum to town
All the girls know your face
They say you been around

You went from L.A. Guns
To Enuff Z'nuff
And then you partied with Poison
On the bak of their bus


DD time

Your mother thinks we're rude
And Tipper says we're trash
But as far as I'm concerned
You can kiss my ass

So come on baby
You ain't no yuppie
Do the right thing
And bust those puppies


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