Yellow Love

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Blue, quiet all out in a messed up race
I know you see feelings on my face
And with all these roads
Love feels cruel
True, if you only knew what I would change
Running towards you, my heart’s ablaze
In swimming pools
I drown with you

I fly in skies alone
I keep it silent
Up in the clouds, I’m home
I’m fitting right in
Closing my mind
To wish I hold her tightly
No, I’m not afraid to fall

I don’t care
Who do they think they are?
We should be flying like superstars
And when the world tries to give its all
You just can’t
Fight the love
Fight the love
Fight the love
And I swear
I’m gonna lift us up
And wipe the sky with this yellow love
I raise my hands cause I’m strong enough
To hold down
Both of us
Both of us
Both of us

I walk to the edge of a higher place
Thought you could meet me about halfway
Under the sun
That yellow love

(Oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh)
And I know that we don’t choose
Still, you all got stuff to say
And I know that’s how it goes
But you say it anyway

Autor(es): David Dawood / Nicola Roberts