Patrick Park

Your smile's a drug

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I should lay around and curse the day that I fell upon your sword
'Cause I'm a poor boy
And your smile is a drug that I can't afford, mmhmm

'Cause you're a tongue tied talker with sleepy eyes
That always gets the last word
You're not broken
You're just tired and it shows

When you're tired, actin' tough
You only take two and a quarter to get fucked up
When you say you're in love, you just sound like you're giving up (2X)

Let's say it'll be a right, it'll be a risky bet
'Cause I'm about as good as I'm gonna get
Oh, these chains are tight
And the courage that I showed, left a long time ago
Just so you know

CHORUS - repeat until end.

Autor(es): Patrick Park