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(Although you're gone yet I'm here at home yet)

Oh honey I remember so well the day you left me
You said you was goin' down to the pet shop
To get some food for the baby
I wondered why you took your suitcase
And you said you said Ben you stay here and rock the baby
And I want you to know I'm rockin' him yet
Course it's workin' a little hardship on me
Now that the kid's in high school
Oh honey our little boy has grown up so fast
Why just the other day he got in a fight
And you should'd have seen the way
He hit this other kid over the head with his purse
I was so proud of him

(I feel so blue yet cause I miss you yet)

Somebody told me that you wanted to get an annulment
Well heck honey why didn't you say that's what you wanted
And I'd a got you that instead of that Jaguar
Cause you never did like that cat anyhow
I know he scratched you a little bit
I don't blame you to tell you the truth
When I think about how long you've been gone
I get such a funny funny feelin' right in here
I do honey feels almost like my heart is gonna attack me
Yet I wait here in the dark
The light company shut off all the juice you knew that
I sit here and I listen
Just hopin' I'll hear some ole familar sound
Like the car hittin' the side of the garage
Or you stubblin' up the stairs carryin' your big ole bowling ball
If you ever do honey I just want you to know
I'll be right here yet

(Although you're gone yet I'm here at home yet)

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