Jennifer Rafferty

You And Me

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Who'd have thought
That you and me would be
together in the end
Who'd have thought
That you and me would be
more than just good friends?
we were scared to take a chance
For fear of losing what we had
A broken heart
Or waste a dream away
forever starts today

Yesterday, something changed
Never felt this way about you
I was blinded
Until you reminded me
what my heart knew all along
Something old, but something new
feels familiar but crazy too
I've never felt, incomplete
there's always been you and me

It only takes
A different shade to see
The light that's in the dark
It only took one kiss
For me to feel
A shiver from a spark
How could I have missed
Your smile
How could we have walked
That mile
Side by side, far and wide
And never ever realised


I waited for an answer
but it was right before my eyes
And when it took me by suprise
you pulled me oh so near
And whispered in my ear
said there was nothing
Left to fear

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