You can find me there

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life is a comic and as i perceive
accidental being perhaps the jelousy of the gods.
i'd attend your fear overnight
so you can find me there

i'm a fool by virtous means
quite poor for the sake of mens desire
now will i question what's on your mind
my cherie amour

the bottles of gasoline are filled
whe the wedding procession starts
babe you drank too much last night
the world is squeezed between your lashes

resembling a maggot that croches in the dark
and steals the last twiches of your sleep
in my room you i'm a royal part
my cherie amour

and again it's o.k.
the way they make a cripple out of me
i can curse in the dark
and support what ever they think is worthy

and still i'm watching out for my fate
in my coat of common human hate
it's not important just one more day
and you can find me there

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