Alina Simone

You Fade Away

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Colored lights and clapboard
Cheap motels and starlight
Restaurants glow like a string of oiled pearls
As the smoke pours up through
Manholes in shimmering spirals
Curling up the walls

To rooms with rooftop views
Under the wings and
In the hollows little pockets
Filled with secrets
Oh yeah we run
Through the bridges and the tunnels
Throwing boots that catch on wires
We’re gonna run

So take these photographs
And just cut them into pieces
Til you landscapes become beautiful and wild
Take these one-night stands
And longtime disappointments
Turn them into bars of gold and vintage wine

I will change my name
Forget everything
Until the sun’s drawn in the water
And the copters circle low up above
Until the dream is just a dream
Of someone else’s fantasy life

(You fall away)
(You fall away)
(You fall away)
(You fall away)