You Found Me

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Thought that I was a goner
Everyone had written my life off
Dreamed about better days
And hoped that I could make it happen somehow
Someone please help me
I'm dying from the inside out
Come to find out God loves me
Come to find out I was not alone

You found me!
You found me!
You found me!
You found me!

Regeneration a new sensation
The rebuilding of my broken heart
I've put my faith into action
I've got a clean, a brand new start
The more I seek the more I find You
It seems the wonders never cease
How can I ever repay You
Help me Lord to see just what You see


Empty dreams, hollow schemes
Don't get trapped into the things of this world
Or you'll find out like I found out
Hey that just won't fill your life no!!!
Come and see what I see
Man I tell you there is no other way
You want life? Real life?!
Then let Jesus find you like He found me!


Autor(es): Mike Stand

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