Enuff Z'nuff

You Got A Hold Of Me

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It's Valentine's Day once again,
Though some were bad and some were good.
I do believe that's #10,
To do again I surely would.
'Cause girl you know that I'm your man,
And your man I'll always be,

Baby you got a hold of me.

I know you left a couple times,
And I walked out a time or two.
Our faces bear a few more lines,
There's no control of what we do.
But so far no one has gone mad,
I don't think we're gonna be, 'cause...

Repeat Chorus.

Sweet love.
I'm so afraid of,
That the stars above
Aren't close enough
To reach out and to touch.
So will you finally marry me?
And we could have ourselves a baby,
And raise ourselves a family.
'Cause girl you know that I'm your man,
And I'm always gonna be,

Autor(es): Vie

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