The Preatures

Young Brave Me

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Break 'em down
Oh, let it break just one more time
Take it from me
You won't ever see, you won't ever see me cry
But now now I wait, I hear you say
You won't be calling my bluff today
Say "you're gone for good, pack up your life"

Trespass into the world
Of young brave me

Five years go by
Out on the streets, life and traffic just pass me by
Caught by the glare I see that old
I see that old familiar stare
It's what I believe to be sweet, Mary
With a young, baby
Too late for me to go on the stand
Too late to stamp my authority

Oh, young brave me

Is it too late to fight? It's too late to see

But wait on I know
But wait on I know
Wait on I find
Wait on I find

It's young brave me

It's too late to fight
It's too late to see