Rita Ora

Young Dreamers

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What a poor kid with a heart of wealth
A brain of the genius I made myself
Well, it wasn't hard to tell
The rap shit is easy I swear to my health
I better die if I lie today
I live the truth too respect my ways

To all my homies at the set, I pray
Just feel a youngin and the shit I say
I know I got something now, but you
Know what I used to have nothing, wow
And you ain't got to rap to win
You just lose all your acts of sin

Cause we blessed nigga
It's a test nigga
Verse gets worse just do your best nigga
To all the youth of the world with their dreams stolen
Just stay tryin' just try cuz your dream's golden
Close your demons, keep your dreams open
I miss the homies, but a g has spoken

Young dreamer. Young dreamer
Young dreamer keep dremin
Young dreamer stay alive
Young dreamer don't die
Can you see all this go? All that go?

Autor(es): ,Macklemore