Young Hearts Forever

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In the friendship of lovers
Lives the joy of the heart
And when trust is forsaken
Our whole world falls apart
And when the wind cries you're with me
And tears say enough, then the song prays for love

Young hearts forever
Don't wait one moment this time
Love is forever (with somebody like a you yeah)
The young hearts survive

On the wings of an angel
Oo a child learns to fly
And little by little, the sands move through time
And I can live a lie but I think I know better


Here in the darkness
She dances alone
Roses from yesterday
Will she ever know


With somebody like a you yeah
Young hearts, young hearts
Will love, will love, be forever
One moment in forever, forever
Forever (with somebody like a you yeah)
Give me just a little more time
She was an old flame of mine
I remember, I remember

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