You Open My Eyes

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Seagulls fly an opal sky
Likewise, fish are swimming in the ocean
Sunlight streaming thru the clouds
Not a care in this world, not a notion
I don't know if I should laugh or cry
You make me feel like I will never die
You can open my eyes with your sweet loving.

Flowers! gently open wide
Swallow me up whole inside a daydream
Everything is nothing here
And nothing really ever is as it seems
I appreciate the majesty
Colliding in this lovely catastrophe
You can open my eyes with your sweet loning.

...And it's a long, long way
It's a sunshine day
It's a long, long way from where I began...

The moon, he's smiling down on us
Stars, they dance across the heavens above
I feel like a child again
My arms wrapped around the girl that I love
Ooh, angel, you blow my soul
All the wonders of this world now unfold...
You can open my eyes with your sweet loving.

Autor(es): Brad Shepherd

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