Your Average Generic Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song

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You get so mad and tell me I'm a bore cuz
I don't wanna hang around your stupid crowd no more.
I think I'd rather stare at my fucking wall all night
then go out with a bunch of jerks that act so fucking loud.
I don't wanna be like you cuz I don't wanna die.
I decided long ago that's some shit I'll never try.
I got better things to do than to blow my cash on that.
I don't want to waste my mind, wreck my body,
and turn my back. I know I'm a dying breed so do
I need to ask why all the fucking straight edgers are now a bunch of drunks? Just last year they markered up their hands but now all they say is, "Oh I don't give a fuck."
So what if I'm a straight, is that so hard to accept?
At least I'm not like you and have nothing left.
I'm going someplace in this world and it's not a fucking grave and you just laugh at me. At least I'm not a drugged up slave.

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