You're A Keeper

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Started out as a fantasy
Now you're laying next to me
Your conversation stimultates
Its even better than my dream can make
You grab the oil from the night stand
Musics playing as you rub it in(ooh)
I hate to think this has to end
YOu hush me up, its just the beginnig

Alright, you win
Cause I know I'll never love this way again
YOu told me that
Your loving was a sleeper
Now I'm for sure
That baby you're a keeper

(ooh gotta testify)
Kiss is like, cotton candy
Ooh so soft and look so sweet
I must say, your fourplay, you never miss a beat
Ooh I'm inside you, inside you, inside you, inside you
Its like were in heaven
We together
It triples and explodes in esctasy, oh, oh, oh

All right you win
Cause I know, I'll never love this way again
You told me that,(said why you playing, whykeep messing around)
Your loving was a sleeper
No I'm for sure
That Baby you're a keeper

I usauallycomfort
But baby with you, I cant let go
Why you getting up know and putting on your clothes
COme back here cant you stay the night
I'll make you breakfast in bed
Instead of me bein the player that I am
I'm being played instead

All right, you win
Cause I know, I'll never love this way again
I know I played you, made you cry some times
But I hade so many girls in and out of my life
NOw i knoww baby you're keeper

YOu can t,you cant leave
Girl I 'll stand outside your ouse
i'll call up to your job
I'll emailall your friends, tell em you cant quick me now
Why did you lead me on
Then youlet me down
Why did you put it on me like that
Then think that you could take it back
Now i'm for sure, that baby you're a keepr
You ain't going nowhere,nowhere,nowhere

Autor(es): Edwin Nicholas / Gerald Levert

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