Ben Colder

You're a Real Good Friend

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Now friends I have a very special guest in the house
I wish you'd give him a little hand and get him up here don't over do it
My good friend Mr Sheb Wooley

Doggone Sheb it's real good to have you up here with us
You are you are a real good friend
(Thank you Ben I feel the same way about you)

(When I was broke and blue) I gave advice to you
(You're a real good friend)
But you helped me pay my rent (I charged you ten percent)
Ah you're a real good friend
(When I was sick Old Scout) I took your girlfriend out
On me you can depend
(Oh what a pal you were) yeah I even married her
(You're a real good friend)

[ guitar ]
Hey Sheb have a cigar or two
(That's mighty nice of you you're a real good friend)
But don't stand to close to me it might blow up you see
(You're a real good friend)

I borrowed your car last night (you brought it back alright
Smashed from end to end)
I may have had a crash but I filled it up with gas
(You're a real good friend)

[ steel ]
(We honky tonked all last night) we painted the town alright
We're such real good friends
(I spent a lot of dough) but it was all mine you know
(You're a real good friend)

If I should ever be Govenor of Tennessee
I'll prove my friendship thing
Now what would you do for me dog catcher is what you'd be
(You're a real good friend)

(Ahha aw man you're a good friend to me)

[ guitar ]
I recorded the song you wrote and I sang it note for note
(Thanks my real good friend)
I think it's gonna be a hit so I put my name on it
(You're a real good friend)
(Let's sing a sweet duet we'll make a team I'll bet
Let our voices blend)
(I'll sing the melody) I sing the harmony
Cause we're both real good friends

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