Kate Bush

You're the One

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It's alright I'll come 'round when you're not in
And I'll pick up all my things
Everything I have bought with you
But that's alright too
It's just everything I do
We did together
And there's a little piece of you
In whatever
I've got everything I need
I've got petrol in the car
I've got some money with me
There's just one problem

You're the only one I want [Repeat: x4]

It's alright I know where I'm going
I'm going to stay with my friend
Yes, he's very good looking
The only trouble is
He's not you
He can't do what you do
He can't make me laugh and cry
At the same time
Let's change things
Let's danger it up
We're crazy enough
I just can't take it

You're the only one I want [Repeat: x4]

I know where I'm going
But I don't want to leave
I just have one problem
We're best friends, yeah?
We tied ourselves in knots
Doing cartwheels 'cross the floor
Just forget it alright


Autor(es): Kate Bush