Project 86

Your Heroes Are Dead

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There-s something coming
And its coming for you
The mob is restless
Looking for something new
You lead us here
With an eternal promise
The gallows are calling
For you to pay for this

Now that we-re left here on our own
There is nowhere left to turn
Who will see me through?

Your heroes are dead
They were all in you head
When nothing is left we-ll start again

What fitting ends
To our fearless fathers
The cost of treason
Isn't paid in dollars
With nothing left
There is nothing to lose
We-ll watch the city gates
Falling all around you

You said id never make it
That I could only fail
But I'm the one who-s standing
And what has happened to you?

Now that we-ve said goodbye to you
We-ve started something new

Your heroes are gone
They left with the dawn
Now its just us well carry on

Autor(es): Project 86

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