Carolyn Arends

Your Laugh

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There's popcorn in the microwave and pillows on the couch
Baby, come sit down here by my side
I rented us that movie everyone told us about
Your brother said he laughed until he cried
Well I won't mention I've seen this one before
I don't want you to notice that I'm really watching for…

Your laugh, baby
To me it's just like helium
I breathe it in until I am
Ten feet off the ground

Oh, your laugh darlin'
It warms me up like sunshine
It is golden, it is so fine
Baby, when you laugh

I don't know how it happened, no, it wasn't in my plan
But you're the heart that beats inside my chest
Your sorrows are my sorrows now and when you're glad I am
Very nearly drunk with happiness
So watch the movie, and I'll be watching you
I'm sorry, I can't help it, you just don't know what you do

With your laugh, baby…

If you laugh too loud, you know, you'll wake the baby up
But really, that will be alright with me
We'll just pause the movie and I'll warm a bottle up
And you can bounce our boy upon your knee
It makes him happy, playing with his dad
It's some kind of miracle, this little boy who has…

Your laugh, baby…

Autor(es): Carolyn Arends

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