Baboon Rising

Your Love (pennywaste Revised)

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There was a time when I thought that you cared
Now the pain from losing you is all that I can bear
I sent you flowers and treated you nice
All I got from you was confusion and strife
Don't worry, your not the only one
Others have disembowed my feelings for fun
Can I ever trust again?
A stiff elbow in the cold
Your love is like getting old
You love is like the timing in this song
Your love didn't last very long
I tried so hard to be your friend
Why did you put it all to an end
Rejecting others seems to be your style
Even though we go that extra mile
For you
Oh PENNY, was I just a WASTE of time?
Why is your heart so hard to find?
Can I ever trust again?
For now I know our relationship is done
Alone again, better off, better off as one
With God, I must face reality
You are never coming back to me
Oh PENNY was I just a WASTE of time
Why is your heart so hard to find
Your love is useless can't you see
You NEVER had any love for me!

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