Apocalypse Hoboken

Your Momma's A Timebomb

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A fresh coat of paint and I wash my hands
She's gone away in a Puerto Rican van
And you know that I can't have that
A child turns to whispers and deadbolt doors
In company of teenage boy and whores
A tongue draws poison as loved ones depart
She's a woman now and it's breaking my heart
Leeching off your parents
Swallow incoherence
Crushed a caring hand for a taste of fun
Soaking in libations
A newfound liberation
Telltale sign she's grown up and gone
A light heart denying
Pre-occupied with dying
Heart life defying
Is she falling or is she flying
Looks like little Nikki gone and lost her grip
In a puddle of snot and blood Nikki slipped
A mother hears the cry of her beaten child
It's the loss of life in the heart of the wild
Violence - we are violent
We want violence - we got violence
We are violent - we want violence
We got violence

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