Your Song

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Believe me when I say
this isn't the first time I've felt this way
I've been spit out, chewed up, and digested again
my heart fell open thank god you told me when

you thought you'd had enough
and it's time to go
you're drivin' me crazy
why can't you know that
this is the last love song I'll ever write

So this is your song
it makes me feel better when I forget that you're gone
and sometimes I cry
I never feel better and I don't know why
so don't make me fall asleep alone

if this were my last night on earth I'd still be sitting here
and we'd have a drink and smoke a bowl
remind ourselves that half the world
doesn't know what we're feeling now

and I'd waste a million hours on my cell phone
to hear your voice tonight
cuz this is the last love song I'll ever write