Bone Thugs-N-harmony

All the way

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Bone Thug in this mutha whaa whaa whaa
Yeah Big Wish in this muthafucka what's up my nigga and
Lil Lay I love you nigga
and you know what I'm sayin KB probably rummin around here gettin some
haah tot tot tot tot tot
You know what it is
My niggas we bout to go all the way

(All the way)
And we gone make it to the top on this face
From the cradle to the grave
(All the way, all the way, all the way, all the way
All the way)

You willin to test the flesh oh yes
But don't even stress what you heard
Cuz nigga Bone Thugs together forever splittin apart is obsurd
I wish they'd stop wit all of these rumours
Cuz we ain't goin nowhere baby
This is for life..
(All the way)

Bless this seed gotta know where I come from
And you'll sell me ain't going back where I come from
Been blessed with division and when we speak they listen
Well nigga you asked we look and we laugh
Depleted 50% of that mission right in that hand
(All the way)

Now nigga we did we went and we got
We did it alone by ourselves
Little help from E eternal we will him will neva forget him
Know now for wealth
Stood our ground and we put this down
It'll be my niggas we out on the grind
Together forever still one of a kind
Got love for the thugs that grind
(All the way)

They tellin me I was the one that was shoot up
And neva got 50/50 then we fillin em
Offer the rhythm and minimum gettin em
'member the neva surrender
Now taties and gentlemen I don't want anymo problems
Gentlemen let's get paid to party
Givin em sumthin make it feel Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
(All the way)

It's Charles, Bryan, and Steven, Anthony and Stanley
Nigga this family in destiny yall the only thugs wit Grammies
Mash the gigglin jigglin swervin and ribbonin
And while they crackin up off me
I must be invincible wit Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
(All the way)

In this world I'm simply tryna get rich and make a livin'
I ain't really trippin' on no fancy cars or massderah
Even though a nigga duty dippin'
I keep my heat in my lap where I can reach it and pap
(All the way)

This for makin pushes outta the bushes
And makin these hits stay move the streets
Rebels and warriors all ova the globe
Find their souls to the rockin feet
Maybe to me that's more than money
Better than anything I could imagine
All of ya souljahs keep on smashin
We could chill in the hood look mansion ansion
(All the way)

Everythings gone be a little nicer
Put your load on got a little lighter
Got rid of these bustin these hoes
But I must admit they sum the writer
And that's how ah belead dog
Ain't goin to the bottom wit yall
Nah and i wish of yall could see us bring
(All the way)

Hey yo well lil nigga this Bone Thugs
Shoulda know by now we niggas for life
Pullin triggers for life
Gettin figures for life
Nigga done dig and brought to the light
Like Jeffrey Osbourne way back in the day
Better believe me when I tell you dog
That's right nigga Bone Thugs N Harmony up in this muthafucka 2002
I ain't gone say we back cuz we neva left this muthafucka
[Bizzy singin'] All the way...

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