Matthew Herbert

You Saw It All

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You're not my only friend
Not even my best
You're almost of essential though
Along with the rest
You're not my only sense
You're one of a few
You know when to leave alone
You show me the view

Allies across the years
You witnessed the best
Gave drainage for all my tears
And closed on request
You saw before me when
I knew it all
You turned the other way
Watching me fall

You see it all

If when you're leaving me
Remember me this
If we're dependent still
We cannot miss
You're maybe the last to go
Probably the first
Show me a little place
Where i can grow worse

And as you retreat from me
The closer i come
Further from yesterday
Nearer the sun
And though i may never see
All that you did
Promise me nothing more

You saw it all

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