Randy Rogers Band

You Start Over Your Way

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Well you showed up looking just like I remembered
Just like I knew you would
Worried if my heart was breaking just like it should
Working hard on your good times, showing off your new life
Forgotten everyone in this bar
Well I leave it to you baby, you always had to be the star

But I've got the road less traveled, my dreams unraveled
A broken heart that suits me fine
My love's a little lighter from a string of all-nighters
A bottle for killin time
Baby you start over your way, I'll start over mine

If you're hear to make amends
I'll let you rub it in
I'm not gonna play the fool
Yeah cause even if the rumors were true
I could never tell you


Well you quit on me, but baby I don't give up easy
Yeah, well I might look fine, but looks can be deceiving


Yeah you start over your way
Honey you start over your way
And I'll start over mine

Autor(es): Radney Foster / Randy Rogers

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