Ralph Mctell

You Well Meaning Brought Me Here

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How do you expect me to feel now you tell me I've arrived
And here I am but I tremble when I stand.
For I feel I'm on the outside.
Where did it go wrong
Won't you point it out please show
I know you well meaning brought me here so you must know.

I know every stranger here and the love they lend.
But now that's gone and still the need for it goes on
Oh how I need a good friend
I should have know that in the end
I'd have to answer to myself
And though you well meaning brought me here now you cannot help.

And I never meant to come this far
And I never thought I'd loose my way.
And now I know who "they" are.
But I still get hurt by the things they say
This place has no kings only courtiers live here.
Fine words, fine clothes, fine promises that they make in fear.

I am tired but I cannot rest beneath this roof
If here I lie it would be easier to try
But where could I tell the truth.
Please don't look so strangely now
As if I failed some kind of test.
I know you well meaning brought me here and I've done my best.

Autor(es): Ralph McTell

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