Leo Sayer

You Win -- I Lose

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You win -- i losethat's how it all beginswell i try so hard in these affairs of the heartbut i know that i'll never win
Well i talk to you sweet like honeydon't i treat you as nice as piebut i can't figure out when you scream and you shoutwhy i have to apologize
You win -- i losethat's how it always goesi came into this thing with my heart in a spini went out with a broken nose
You win -- i losethat's how it's meant to bewell i tried all i can just to figure it outbut love's just mystery
Guess all you ladies would call me easybut i'm a fool for the femme fatalewhen she flashes those eyes i'm not a man i'm a mousetryin' to patch up a broken heart
You win -- i losethat's okay that's the way it goeswell i tried all i could but it did me no good'cos all i've got is nothin' to show
They say that men are always supposed to actlike they're not really tryin'but when i come on cool nobody seems to noticeit's a mysteryit's a mystery to me
You see you win -- i losei guess that's how we're meant to bei tried as hard as i could but it did me no goodyou're more than a match for meand it don't make no sense to melove is still a mysteryit's just a mystery

Autor(es): Alan Tarney / Leo Sayer

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