Bamboo Bimbo

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Well he caught his first whiff in the jungles
That slant-eyed catfish tasted better than mom
Now every single night she drops her big bomb
Cause he’s a bamb00 bimbo
Those hook marks really show
Cause he’s a bamboo bimb0
He went for it now everyone knows
He’s a bamboo bimb0
He caught his first glance in field and stream
That salt water taffy was a fisherman’s
Wet dream
Now every single night he’s still gettin’
That big ream
Cause he’s a bamboo bimbo
He fell it and everyone knows
He’s a bamboo bimbo
Just a monkey with a ring in his nose
He’s a bambo0 bimbo
Can’t say I never told ya so
He’s a bamboo bimb0
It go on and on and on