Elegy Medley: Against Widows / Cares / On Rich And Poor

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Pekka Laine, Kim Tapani Rantala
The Devil weds a widow
Death another's leftovers
Better to lie on a willows
Rest on alder boughs

Than upon a widow's bed
Used woman's pillow
Sweeter the side of a fence
Than a widow's flank

Sweeter the side of a fence
Than a widow's flank
Sweeter the side of a fence

Softer the side of a groove
Than a widow's beside is
Softer the side of a groove

Many rocks the rapid has
A lot of billows the sea
More plentiful are my cares
Than cones on a spruce
Beard moss on a juniper
Gnarls upon a pine bark
Knobs upon a fir
Husks on a grass-top
Boughs on a bad tree.
Drag my cares away
Carry off my griefs
For no horse can draw
No iron-shod jerk
Without the shaft-bow shaking off
The cares of this skinny one
The sorrows of this black bird

The Devil weds a widow
The grave one twice wed
A widow's hand is rougher
Than a dry spruce bough

Old folk remember
And those today learn
How before their time
Life was different here:

Without the sun people lived
Groped about without the moon
With candles sowing was done
Planting performed with torches.

Without the moonlight stumbled
With our fists fumbled the land
With ourhands we sought out roads
With hands roads, with fingers swamps
We could not live without sun
Nor manage without moonlight;
Who would seek out the sun
Who spy out the moon?
Who else if not God
The one son of God?

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