Ya Kenzy

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Ya Kenzy w kol ma leya
7ayat 'alby w
nor 3einy
gamal el donya fi 3einaya

3eshe'to w lama kallemni
be7enneya nadah leya
be'ooleet "aahhh" tegannenni

7abibi ma3ah 7ayati w kol
w 3ayesh leh bi 3omry
w kol ayaamy

3oyoono leya bitsalim
w tes7erny wala'ih
kalamha yishghilney
7ayati w donyitee w 3omry
nadah 'alby
malak amry
ya nor el donya ya 'amary

Oh my treasure and all I possess
The life of my heart &
light of my eyes
The beauty of the world in my eyes.

I love him & when he speaks to me
and calls me with tenderness
saying "ah", it drives me mad

My love, my life & all
my dreams are with him
And I live for him my whole life
& all my days

His eyes greet me,
talk to me
and mesmerize me & I find
their words filling my mind.
My life, my world, my lifetime
He calls my heart
Owns my affairs
Oh, light of the world, oh, my moon

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