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You know when you gave your love away
that open your heart, everything is new
and you know time will always find a way
to let your heart believe it's true...
You know love is everything you say
I whisper a word,promises you keep...
You feel it in the heartbeat of the day,
You know this is the way love is...

Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine, love is love is, love...(x2)

You know love will sometimes make you cry,
so let the tears go, they will flow away
For you now love will always let you fly,
how far a heart can fly away...

Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine, love is, love is, love (x3)

You know men love shining in your eyes
It maybe the stars falling from above...
And you know love is with you when you rise,
For night and day belong to love...