Looks Like December

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It looks like I'm saying
I love you Maria
In the photograph here
We're looking so happy
I call you I'm loco
And I confess my love to the machine
How funny if there is a new love in the scene
I see you beside me I love you remember
It looks like December
A long golden lost year
It's like a bolero
Te quiero
Te quiero
To say that I long for your kisses never more
Tus besos nunca mas forget you Maria
In this photograph here I love you forever
I call you and breathless
I leave all my confusion in the machine
Oh how disconcerting would be
To see my love again
I see you through wet eyes
Insane eyes
December when I remember
The long golden lost years
I still sing te quiero
Bolero our rhymes are so banal
Oh how I still long for
Tus besos never more
Tus besos nunca mas

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