Death: The Only Immortal

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Kali, Hel, Loviatar
Santa Muerte, Marzanna
Morrighan, Merau, Oyansa

Legends speak of reincarnation
Resurrection, afterlife
Truth be told by the presence in the shadows
When our time has come to die

Nephtys, Mors, Mania
Giltine, Dea Tacita
Tia, Ixtab, Ereshkigal

Empress of darkness, queen of shades
Legate of divine consciousness
All creatures equal before her
In the realm of forgetfulness

Yellow eyes weeping tears of blood
For the devout and infidels
Fools are we to mourn the dead
We better cry for ourselves

Death, the only immortal
Erasing all pain and misery
Enthroned in a sphere of utter blackness
Locks the universe when she leaves
The most powerful of forces
Welcome absolution
Her caring embrace grants everlasting peace
Eternal oblivion

Death descends
Cold, loving kiss
Everything ends
The final bliss