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Cross distant frontiers of the multiverse
On a perpetual campaign
Colossal judicator to wreck and cultivate

Dispute detector
Server, protector
Conflict collector
Wardroid, corrector

Constructed millennia agone
Designed by a since long extincted race
Functioning on infinite programs
Created to judge and erase

Sensors estimating
Systems navigating
Blades rotating
Wardroid gravitating

Monolith of lonsdaleite
Situation analyzed
Belligerence categorized
Mind scanners utilized

Artificial conqueror
Recharging reactor
Blasters standby, thrusters roar
Modus set: War!

Self-producing arsenal, never to reload
The wardroid fulfills another task as the planet implodes

Wardroid, eradicator
Wardroid, annihilator
Wardroid, exterminator
Wardroid, obliterator