All Tomorrow's Funerals

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Crematorium spewing ashes up into the black horizon
Celebrate your death at birth, the only certainty is dying
The candles have been lit, they number 13 as the dusk grows close
Filling in the earthen holes, the days of life decayed and over

Slip into the casket
It's the only home you'll ever know
In a world where life surrenders
Only mountains of the dead will grow

All across the stricken planet graveyard
Fingers stretch and grasp
Tombstones in the eyes of all,
The left behinds who breathe their last
Ceremonies futile as the carcasses pile up to the sky
The only sound is weeping and of vultures' bloody shrieking cries

When all tomorrow's living
Have crawled into the grave
With black acidic visions
The endless road to rot is paved

All tomorrow's funerals
Deafening, the doom toll
All tomorrow's funerals
Only death makes us whole