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Tangled in a web
Of belief and disbelief

Entertaining possibilities:


I was born of an ancient land
Beheld on modern feet

I was torn from my mother's hand
And sworn not to repeat

All the lives I had lived before
Before life taught me death

I was kissed
By a gentler wind
Then given back
My breath

And with this
I have learned to sing
Before I learned to cry

To the heights
Of the angels wings
Who taught me how to fly

And I'm flying over misery
And all that it could bring

And I'm dancing over history

And I'm uncrowning the king

For the throne he once sat upon
Was seated in my heart

I made room to invite you in
Then took the room apart

'Cause the heart
Is an open space
Not invitation only

Love arrived
- looked me in the face -
As if the truth were lonely

But the truth
Is beyond belief

As love is without reason

Sun and Moon
Crowded in a leaf

Of cycle and of season

And the leaf
It will change and fall

Before new days are risen

But, my love,
I am here to stay

A kiss within a vision

Of a forest filled with laughter
Filled with song from every tree

This new season in forever

Bud and sprout
Beyond belief