Barrington Levy

Moonlight Lover

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You, You, You, You moonlight lover
You, I know you were her
The very first time I saw you you girl
Moonlight lover

Why don't you give me a smile
You know I love you so
but you don't want to come and prove your love to me
I know you love me girl
You little moonlight lover
Just the smile of your face, you girl
Girl you know you turn me on
Just the smile of your beautiful face
I want to know if it's soft
If your face is as clean as your heart
I know I love you, and you love me too
but you don't want to come and prove it to me
you little moonlight lover
I know I love you
You love me too
Well now

Just the smile of your face
I would love all the while
Girl you know you are my lover
But you're shy too prove your love to me
You hear what I say, moonlight lover
I love you to my heart and soul
All the while you little girl
Thats my name but not my number
Love is my name, love is my gain
You little, you little, you little lover
You little moonlight lover
You know I give my love to you
and you don't want to prove your own to me
Girl, love is my name
All the while you turn me on