Barry White

Love Is The Icon

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Love Is The Icon

Love is the icon
Looking for love
Love is and will always be (looking for love) THE icon

Everybody's looking for love
People all over the world's searching
Looking, trying, tying to find love
(Looking for love)
Love, love is not anything or something
That you, that you can find yourself
Sometimes, most times,
It has to find you

Yes that certain special feeling (yes)
That we feel inside
She makes you smile,
She makes you feel a certain way again
(Looking for love)
It makes you feel good inside when he touches you (yes)
Love truly is searching icon (Looking for Love)

Come close to me,
(Looking for love)
I'm looking too
I wanna feel
(Searching for love)
That feeling that only love can bring

I wanna wake up in the morning
Feeling so much alive, feeling
(Looking for Love)
So good inside

Love is the icon, yes, yes
Love is where we start from
(We all)
Love is the icon
We all (searching for love)
(we all want and need love)
Love is,
(Looking for Love)
Love is the icon

Touch me babe, I wanna touch you
Keep looking, keep waiting,
(Searching for Love)
Keep hoping
Keep looking

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