Mystique Of The Beauty Queen

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So, what if I won't go to the show,
Will they know that I'm not a princess like they thought,
Just faked like a façade.

I think I lost my glow,
I won't go, but I know that the show
Will go on anyway... no way...
This is my chance and I'm not gonna fail!

This is the Mystique of the queen.
She is never in-between.
Old, good and bad.
Its the price you must pay
To lead a life in glamour, champagne all night,
There's nothing in her eyes
But the mild and tempered.

Smiles when its polite, its a fright.
She can never lose her face.
All eyes are watching, they know of her grace.
Flash of a camera,
No reaction but the mild and tempered smile,
Monotonic style.

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